Monday, January 19, 2009

Sikh Course 17th Jan 2009, Ilford

Saturday 17th Jan 2009 was the date for the latest Sikh Course. The course was held at Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Ilford.

Over 130 people attended the course. There was a great atmosphere during the course, with plenty of questions and answers and great debate.

There was a good mix of people from University students to elderly member of the community. There was even a celebrity in attendance...

The next course will be held in Wolverhampton, UK

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beard friendly food

Alot of food's have labels on them to show various properties of the food. For example the UK has a traffic light system to show if the food is good for you or not. There are a set of ingredients on the label so we can see what makes up the food we are eating. There are also other labels to show how much sugar, salt and calories are in our food.

Unfortunately there is one vital piece of information that is missing. This is the bread friendliness of the food we want to eat. Bread friendliness is a rating to do with how much of the food could end up on or in a consumers beard when eaten normally. This is a big issue for people with beards and therefore a big issue for Sikhs.

We propose a labelling system from 1-5 to be shown on foods where 5 is the most friendly food. So in our system ice cream will be given a 1 rating. Advice for eating 1 rated food will be as follows.

Only eat when alone or if you have a mirror or a few tissues handy

I hope our campaign for better beard friendly food labelling will be successful. If you have your own beard unfriendly foods please could you put them in the comments so that we can classify them correctly.