Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Countdown timer for memorable dates (javascript)

Countdown for Bandi Chhor Divas (1st Nov 2005)

This is quite easy to do.

Here is how it is done.

[1] Place the following code in your template after the <head > tag near the top of the template.

<!-- START Javascript function for countdown -->

<script type="text/javascript">

var HOURS_IN_DAY = 24;

var MINS_IN_HOUR = 60;

var SECS_IN_MIN = 60;

var DAY_FROM_MSEC = 1000/60/60/24;

var HOUR_FROM_MSEC = 1000/60/60;

var MIN_FROM_MSEC = 1000/60;

var SEC_FROM_MSEC = 1000;

function countdown(yr, mn, dy, id)




// refer to the id

var div = document.getElementById(id);

var dtNow = new Date();

var dtFuture = new Date(yr, mn, dy);

var dtDiff = new Date();

dtDiff.setTime(dtFuture.getTime() - dtNow.getTime() );

var tmDay = Math.ceil(dtDiff/ 1000/60/60/24);

var tmHour = Math.ceil(dtDiff/ 1000/60/60);

tmHour1 = (HOURS_IN_DAY - 1) + (tmHour - tmDay * HOURS_IN_DAY);

var tmMin = Math.ceil(dtDiff/ 1000/60);

tmMin1 = (MINS_IN_HOUR - 1) + (tmMin - tmHour * MINS_IN_HOUR);

var tmSec = Math.ceil(dtDiff/ 1000);

tmSec1 = (SECS_IN_MIN - 1) + (tmSec - tmMin * SECS_IN_MIN);

div.innerHTML = tmDay + " day(s) " + tmHour1 + " hour(s) "
+ tmMin1 + " min(s) " + tmSec1 + " sec(s) ";



// Add the date that you want to countdown

// Remember months start at zero i.e. 8 = September NOT August
// Example = 30th September 2006
// 'coundown' refers to the name we give to the <div> tag that will contain the coundown
// You can add multiple countdowns by adding copies of the below line and changing 'countdown1' for another name i.e. 'countdown2'

setInterval("countdown('2006', '8', '30', 'countdown1');", SEC_FROM_MSEC);


<!-- END Javascript function for countdown -->

[2] In HTML view add the following text anywhere between the <body> and </body> tag

<div name="countdown1" id="countdown1">Test</div >

NOTE: you can add multiple countdowns by adding the above line again and then changing 'countdown1' to another name i.e. 'countdown2'.

Please try it

I hope this makes sense!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sikh Historical Paintings

I was browsing the web for pictures of gurus for my niece, Amar.

While browsing I found a website that has painting done by a Sikh painter. His name is Jarnail Singh.

He paints various subjects including:-
The painting are really nice. Definitely worth a look.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sikh Youth Radio

Just thought I should let you know about a Sikh youth radio show that I try to listen to sometimes.
The show is called Sweet Sikhi (Sunday 6pm - 8pm) and is on Panjab Radio. It is mainly a discussion programme with Sikh students (I think) talking about a different Sikh topic every week. It is a nice program, with some thought provoking discussions.

There is also a programme on Amrit Bani that is a similar kind of programme but I am not sure of when it is on or what it is called, but it is also very good

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Gender Ratio in Sikhs

I remember watching a feature on Star News.

Composition Hindus Muslims Christians Sikhs Buddhists Jains Others
Sex ratio* (avg. 933) 931 936 1009 893 953 950

It went through all the religions in India and showed the gender ratio of each. I was shocked to see that Sikhs had the lowest gender ratio of all.

Its sad to see people who claim to be part of a religion that holds equality as one of its main pillars, are so influenced by a culture that prefers boys to girls.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sikhs in the media

I have touched on this subject in an earlier post.

I feel that at the moment a large section of the media is mis representing Sikhs and the Sikh way of life.

I don't know if this is because they just don't know about Sikhism or if they have some false notions about Sikhi.

Anyway I think the Sikh community should get together, take a positive step and produce material that is true to Sikh values. Some examples could be Animation, Books, Films, Documentories and TV shows.

I am trying to do my bit of seva by starting a page where we can start to write the screenplay of a trilogy of Sikh Films. The page I have setup is located at Anybody can contribute to this page and expand it.

See what you think.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sikhi Wallpapers

I have made some Sikhi based wallpapers in Photoshop.

Man jeete, Jagjeet

Sikh man praying (pic found here)