Sunday, February 12, 2006

What if the cartoon's were of the Sikh Gurus

In the last week there has been a lot in the news about the cartoons that have offended Muslims and how Muslims have reacted to the cartoons

I was wondering about what would happen if the cartoons offended Sikh's. How would we react? Would we put up slogans saying 'Behead the people who made the cartoons'. Would we protest peacefully or violently?

I am not sure what we would do. From a personal stand point I can understand why Muslims are offended, I would feel the same. However I feel that the banners and violence that has occured recently have detracted from the main issue and moved the focus to the the reaction of the cartoon rather than the cartoons themselves.

Some people say that the cartoons wouldn't have been such a big issue and wouldn't have stayed in the media spotlight for so long, if all the protest were peaceful. I can understand were they are coming from but it still doesn't justify the violence.

I think I would protest in some form or another but I wouldn't be violent. Afterall we have been taught that violence should be a last resort.

To be fair, alot of the protest have been peaceful but as in many cases the minority of protests, that have been violent, get the most exposure.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Selling Sahibzadey DVD's at the Gurdwara

Last week, my cousin, Pops, asked the secretary at the Gurdwara if he could sell the Sahibzadey DVD's at the Gurdwara.

The secretary agreed so we went down to the Gurdwara to sell them. We put some posters up near the entrance of the Gurdwara and set out a table with 13 Sahibzadey DVD's that we had (Pops had bought 20 and sold 7 before we went to the Gurdwara).

The secretary asked if he could borrow one of the DVD's to make an announcement upstairs to the Sangat. We gave him one.

During the morning and afternoon we sold about 6 DVD's. When it was time to pack up the secretary came down and asked us how much profit we had made. We told him that we weren't making any profit and that we were selling the DVD for the same price as we had bought them (£6.50). It looked like he didn't believe us.

Then he said that he will be keeping one of the DVD's because he said that the Gurdwara keeps one of items everytime some sells something at the Gurdwara. Figure that out if you can!!??!!

I thought that that was a bit dodgy because I don't think he believed that we weren't making a profit and in my opinion he could have offered more support instead of being suspicious about our intentions.