Sunday, April 23, 2006

FREE Foundation Weight Training E-Book - Looking for feedback

Hello Everyone,

My brother has been helping people to start weight training for about 10 years. He has developed a system that has worked very well for people.

Basically it is for people who are just starting out in the field of weight training. It doesn't try to give you a miracle solution that will give you a dream body (without the hard work). Instead it tries to give you a foundation of a solid structure that can be used as a starting block for further development.

A couple of months ago I asked him to write down his techniques. I have converted his instructions into an e-Book (pdf).

This is our first e-Book so before offering it to the wider world I would like your opinion on it.

Its completely free so just give it a go and tell me what you think.

If you are interested please read the e-Book and tell me what you think.

My first Yahoo! Widget

I have been looking at Yahoo! Widgets. I think they are pretty cool.

They are like little programs that run on your desktop all the time. They are supposed to be similar to Dashboard Widgets on Apple Mac, but I don't know alot about that.

There are lots of Widgets on the Yahoo! Widget site. Check them them out.

I have made my first widget. At the moment all it does is read out the text that is shown in an editable speech bubble. The way it talks can be amusing.

My Talk to Me Widget is now on Yahoo! Widget Gallery (here)

Please Note: you need to download Yahoo! Widget software to make widgets work.