Sunday, August 28, 2005


I remember hearing this story when I was at school.
Many years ago elephants were not as they were now. There were white elephants and there were black elephants. The white elephants didn't like the black elephant because they were black and the black elephants didn't like the white elephants because they were white.

The two groups of elephants were always arguing with each other. They had many wars against each other becuase they hated each other so much but each time there would be no winner because both groups had similar strengths and weaknesses.

One day some high thinking elephants from the white group and some high thinking elephants from the black group decided to get together and talk about what they should do about the constant fighting between the two groups. The all decided that the best way to set up there own town away from the two groups, where they could live in peace.

The high thinking group went away and started to live a separate life away from the fighting.

Over time they began to mix with each other in their new town. Decades passed and new town started to thrive. A new type of elephant began to emerge. The grey elephant was more common than the black or white elephants. The elder elephants were very happy about the grey elephants because they thought that if all elephants were grey then there wouldn't be any reason for elephants to fight because all elephants would be grey.

The elder elephants of the town decided to organise a mega celebration to congratulate themselves on their acheivements.

It was the night of the celebration and all the elephants got ready to celebrate. As the night went on the elder elephants started to notice something.

There were two groups in the hall. One group stayed on one side of the hall and another group stayed on the other side of the hall.

After watching this for a few hours the elders decided to ask the two groups why they were standing away from each other.

One group shouted out "We hate elephants with BIG EARS!!!!"

The other group shouted out "We hate elephants with SMALL EARS!!!!"

It just goes to show that we will always find something to hate.


Sony said...
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Sikhi Seeker said...

lol....funny, cute and yet informative story!