Friday, October 07, 2005

My dad's facts

My dad didn't have much formal education but he has deep knowledge of Indian history. You can ask him any question on Indian history and he will give you the answer with dates (usually)!!

Here is one of the facts he tells me.

Indira Gandhi is no relation to M D Gandhi. She got her surname because she wanted to get married to a Muslim man called something 'Khan'. Her father 'Nehru' didn't want to get her married to a Muslim man but she really wanted to get married to him. M D Gandhi stepped in and said that 'Nehru' should let Indira get married to Mr Khan but that he will give Indira his surname so that after married she would be known as 'Indira Gandhi' instead of having the perceived embarrassment of being called 'Indira Khan' after marriage. My dad calls her Indira Khan to this day.

More facts coming soon... hopefully!!

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