Sunday, October 09, 2005

Read all your favorite blogs...

... all in one place.

Reading blogs is cool but the problem is that you have to remember the links to your favourite blogs and you are never sure when your fav blogs have been updated.

This is where RSS comes in. You can subscribe to the RSS feed of a blog so that you know when the blog has been updated. The way you subscribe to a feed is by using a program to collect links to all your favourite blogs. I haven't used any of the desktop based programs but I start using Google Reader yesterday. You probably think that I have started to work for google, with the posting that I have been doing, recently. I know Yahoo is working on a similar system and I am sure it will as good as googles version ;-)).

With Google Reader you can search for you favourite blogs and add them to the reader. When your favourite blogs are updated, the new posts are shown on screen in the order that they are posted. So you can go through all the new posts from your favourite blogs all from one page.

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