Tuesday, October 18, 2005

So many natural disasters...

Has anybody else been wondering why there have been so many natural disasters in the last 365 days (year).

  • Boxing Day 26th December 2004 - Asian Tsunami
  • 26th July 2005 - Mumbai / Bombay Floods
  • 29th August 2005 - Hurricane Katrina [?]
  • 8th October 2005 - South Asia Earthquake

It is only human to look for patterns and reasons for why so many disasters have occurred one after another.

Is it something to do with Global Warming?

Is nature trying to tell us something?

Is someone else trying to tell us something?

What ever it is, I can't remember a time when so many big natural disasters have happened so close together.


Anonymous said...

no one is trying to tell us anything!

It is just a natural process! And it could be due to Global warming effects.

Earth quakes, hurricanes, and other natural diasters have been happening since the creation of Earth. it is not ACT of GOD! Again, it is just a natural process! just like seasons and day and night.

Sony said...

Thank you for your comments Anon, I appreciate your input.

TeraRoop11 said...

It is God's will.

Simple enough.

How we interpret such occurences is up to us, and in turn, we decide whether someone is trying to tell us something or not.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that God loves to kill people or give pain to people?

God is fearless and Does not give fear to anybody. God source of light which is constant in harmony and filled with love.

Read the MOOL Mantar.

Do you think that God can be jealous and angry? If yes, then we have not even understood the first Mool mantar.

The diseases that human beings gets are also a biological process and GOD has nothing to do with it! God is a HEALER NOT A DEALER!

Infectious diseases occur because of our behavior, NOT because God wanted it to happen!

We have made God so weak like human beings that he/she is full of anger, jealous, and hate!!
These quailites are ONLY SEEN in HUMAN BEINGS NOT IN GOD.

Sony said...

Thank you for your comments Tera Roop and Anon.

Thinking about it, I think it can't be God's will because as Anon said God is compassionate and wouldn't want it to happen. However there is something called people's 'free will'.

So if people want to do something then God will not stop them.
(God may try and persude them not to do something but will not stop people)

I don't think The Tsunami or The Earthquake had anything to do with what humans are doing.( I maybe wrong. Could the earth be warming up and therefore the plates expanding )

But Katrina could in part be caused by what humans are doing to the world.

So if we want to continue to upset the fragile balance of the worlds eco system then we must face the consequences.

Anonymous said...

I do agree that God is Loving source of energy. If we look at Biblical era ( including the old testament) people were made to follow god by giving them fear. Fear of disease, fear of socioeconomic status, fear of death and so on.... In other holy books besides SGGS, have depicted god as angry and jealous. Therefore, for thousands of years it has been imprinted in our minds that every natural diaster is due to the ACT of god.

Historically, people were made to follow their particular religion by giving fear to people. However, when people stopped listening to these priests then Force was used by the Christians and Muslims! Just to make people follow their religion. It was a competition of numbers NOT of qualilty of people in that religion. That's why two largest religion in the world are christianity and Islam.

So, these rulers have ruled India for thousands of years and they have left the impression of God in our minds according to THEIR beliefs.

Then Guruji came to this world to dispel that illusion that God is Evil. They have showed that God is full of love.

Now lets take one example:

Person A drinks an alcoholic drink and then drives his car. Now, there is highly probable that he would be involved in the car accident and also involve another party in that mess.

Lets say that accident was the worse in history! But somehow everyone GOT saved !

Now, was the accident in God's HUKAM. NO, remember is full of love! accident occurred because of drivers negligence!

How about people got saved! Is that act of God!
Yes! they could only be saved because God became merciful on them due to reasons that only God is aware of!

IN the entire SGGS, God is full of love and nothing more!

Now, one may argue that in Japji sahib " HUMKAM UN-DUR SAB KOI"

It means that the entire creation is under GOD. Day and night, seasons, revolving of planets, energy coming from the sun. Everything is under GOD.

However, God has given human being FREE WILL. they can become Gurmukh and live their life according to SGGS or Manmukh and live their life according to the main stream.

One of the disciples of muslim fakhir wanted to know if God has controll over our will or not. So, he went to his teacher (fakhir) and asked him that particular question "does god controls our free will?"

Fakhir said, well I don't think you will understand my answer right now but give yourself some time and you will know the answer.

But the disciple was in buring fire and he wanted the answer to his question at that moment!

So, Fakir said, "Lift your one leg up from the ground" So, the dispciple immediately lefted his right leg up and now he is stand on his one leg while other one is off the ground.

Then Fakir said, Now left the other leg off the ground will keeping your right leg off the ground!

Disciple replied back, Its impossible to lift the other leg while my right leg is already off the ground!

Then Fakir asked his disciple then what you should do in order to lift your left leg off the ground.

Disciple replied, I need to put my right leg back on the ground then lift my left leg up.

Fakir said, there you go. I have answered your question!

But disciple became even more confused and requested that this whole thing should be explained to him because it did not make any sense to him.

Fakir said, O disciple listen carefully.

YOu had the choice of lifting your right leg or left leg. You chose to lift your right leg off the ground. At that moment it was your descision NOT MINE or GOD's.

then I asked you to lift your other leg while your right leg is off the ground. You said thats impossible! so, the only way you could lift your left leg off the ground would be by putting the other leg on the ground so that you are stable and able to lift your left leg up.

Fakhir said, similarly people have choices in their life they could become gurmukh or manmukh (right or left). It is our descision. Now, if you are Manmukh and you want to become Gurmukh, you have to stop everything related to manmukh life style and make yourself stable and then adapt to the way of gurmukhi.

But People do try to do some manmukh stuff and some gurmukh stuff, just to feel better that they are doing at least something right! But remember Disciple, if you are not stable and you cannot row in two boats at the same time!

Therefore, God has given us Free will how we want to live our life! If we choose a path of manmukh. At first we might FEEL elated, but those actions will bring PAIN to us sometime in the FUTURE.

But by choosing the path of Gurmukh, at first might seem difficult and not rewarding because everyone is having fun. People do feel left out and are made fun by other people so that they can come under their pressure or psychic and follow what they are doing.
But the path of Gurmukh will yeild happiness, sense of elation through out the day, elevation of soul and being next to God.

Yes, we need to pray before God to give us strength to follow the path of gurmukhs and we remain hard as steel so that other people's psyhic cannot destroy or penetrate our mind, which may cause distrubance!

So, People LOVE GOD. HE/SHE is full of love and NOTHING ELSE!!!!

REmember the pain we endure is because of our actions!! and thoughts!!! Therefore follow the path of Gurmukhs

Anonymous said...

If there was no FREE WILL then we would be like programmed Robots! and life would not by challenging and competitive and full of discoveries.

God has given us brain and it is upto us for its POSITIVE construction or NEGATIVE Construction or even Destruction!!!!

Sony said...

Thank you for your comments Anon (3) and Anon (4).

Anon (3) I really liked the way to explained your example.

I think that we can conclude that most people think that human "free will" is causing most of the problems in the world.

This is a very interesting discussion, so far...

Thank you to everyone

Anonymous said...

I am from Bay St. Louis Mississippi. I lost everything. But I beleive in God, I have great faith.. I read the bible. Read Revelations.Eye opening ; isn't it?

Sony said...

Thank you Anon (5). I am sorry to hear about your situation.

It is inspiring that you have not lost your faith.

I hope that everything works out well.

Anonymous said...

Yes but does God not control what we do, isn't fate and kismet a key of SGGS? We live the path chosen for us by God. Or is my understanding not correct?