Tuesday, November 08, 2005

First time wearing a dastaar

I saw this question on the tapoban message board. So I decided to post about my first time wearing a dastaar


Where I live in Bradford, UK children used to change school between Year 8 and Year 9 (Age 13). So I decided to take the plunge then and start wearing a Pag at that time.

Throughout the summer holidays before I changed school I practised on a very small black Pag. My brother showed me the basics and told me to start practicing.

My brother had learnt to do his Pag from our Grandad's friend (Giani Ji). Giani Ji had a unique way of tying his Pag. (I don't know of anybody else who does it like I have been taught)

Anyway before the holidays were finished I got my Pag in a presentable state. I had to go to my new school to pick up my uniform so I decided to take my Pag out for a test drive. I walked out of the house and up my street. My heart was thumping and it felt like everybody was looking at me but I carried on.

In the early days of wearing it my arms used to get tired tying it and it felt like I was balancing something on my head because it was so loose but as with everything you get used to it. I even used to play football with it on, at lunch time.

Now I feel akward without it.


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