Sunday, November 20, 2005

Soul Sikher

I went to watch a play in Manchester, yesterday. My brothers friend got some tickets so we went along with him.

The play was called Soul Sikher and was by a Sikh guy called Sody Singh Kahlon.

I have seen Sody on T.V before, he came across very well so I was looking forward to his new work.

Soul Sikher is about a man called Palwinder AKA 'Paul'. He is a British Sikh who is completely disconnected from his Sikh roots. He cut his hair when he was younger and rejected Sikhism because he was being teased and he thought it was holding him back in his life.

Now he has a job where his manager uses him to setup big contracts and then sends Pauls white collegues to finalise the deals.

The play is about how he tries to find himself and the people he meets along the way (all played by Sody himself).

I really enjoyed the play because it was a comedy (with some basic laughs) but more importantly it also had multiple layers that tried to highlight issues in the British Sikh community.

Some of the issues that it highlighted were
  • Two faced Sikh girls who pretend to be religious on one side then go out secretly drinking etc on the other.
  • People who wear a turban as a fashion statement
  • People who live off thier parents earnings
  • People who don't know (or don't want to know) anything about there history
  • People who think Punjabi culture is Sikh culture
If you can catch the play it is well worth watching.

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