Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Food, Clothes and Shelter ...

Or Roti, Kapada aur Makhan.

These are the three things that are needed for 'Simple Living'. All the other things that we aspire to are just extras that we 'want' but don't 'need'.

The genius of companies around the world is that they make us beleive that the product or service they provide is neccessary for us to live. In other words companies try to transform a want into a need.

Once they make their product a need, they try to make it an aspirational need, so they make you feel that if you get their product you will be happier and more successful.

Once we get their product they try to make us beleive that a more expensive version of the product will make us even more happier.

And so the cycle continues...

What we need to do (me esspecially!!!) is try to re program our thinking so that we understand that we cannot attain happiness through obtaining material things. We need to realise that true happiness can only come through being content with having the simple things in life and not going after material things that are not neccessary.

Obviously it is easy to make statments like this, the hard bit comes when we see the latest mp3 player or the latest dvd player and you have to ask yourself 'Do I really need it?' or to start with 'Is there a cheaper version, that will do the same thing?'

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