Monday, March 13, 2006

South Africa vs Australia ( 12 March 2005 ) WOW

What a game (no not India vs England), South Africa vs Australia.

What a game. For one team to score over 400 runs in a one day match is truely amazing, but for Australia to score 434 runs then South Africa to score 438 is astounding.

Is this a new trend? I think it may have something to do with 20/20 cricket which is making teams believe that they can make and chase huge scores.

I suppose that with the amount of one day cricket being played we have to have a few freak matches along the way

I was watching Star News and they said that ODI scores increase by an average of 20 odd runs a year, but for two teams to score so highly in one game is something very special.

I hope they don't carry that kind of form into next years world cup in the West Indies ;-))

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Sifar said...

That was a huge total... and surprising that the chasers made it. I didnot watch Cricket for a long time (since 1998 when I moved to Canada from India) as in North America there is no cricket. It is coming up though as Canada has a team.