Monday, June 19, 2006

World Cup Diary - Day 11

The Switzerland vs. Togo match was in danger of being called off because the Togo players hadn't been paid for playing in the World Cup. FIFA stepped in and met with the Togo team and got the game to go ahead.

I didn't watch the game but this result means that France will have to win their game against Togo by 2 clear goals.


Ukraine needed to win against S Arabia in order to get over the Spain defeat. I watched the second half and Ukraine looked very good going forward. Schevchenko always seems to be shouting at his team mates and looking abit stropy but he did scored a goal and made one for the team also made a goal. S Arabia were pretty awful though out the match.


Spain were on a high after their win against Ukraine. On paper Tunisia were a weaker team than Ukraine so the result should have been a formality. Watched some of the first half and Spain looked very shaky in defence. There were a few errors for the goal, by Puyol, of all people.

Tunisia held onto the lead until after half time. Spain changed things after half time and brought on Raul and Fabregas. At first not a lot changed in terms of the game but eventually it paid off. Raul got the first goal after Fabregases shot rebounded off the keeper and then Fabregas supplied the pass for Torres to score. Fabregas did do well when he came on.

Torres stole the show with his late goals and could be one of the stars of the World Cup.


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