Sunday, June 25, 2006

World Cup Diary - Day 16

The last 16 started finally. So it is down to business.

Before the Germany vs. Sweden match started I thought that it would be quite difficult for Germany against Sweden. Sweden pushed England to the limit and I thought they would do the same to Germany.

How wrong I was...

Germany played really well, and Blitzed Sweden into submission. The German defense was still abit shaky but when they were going forward it was beautiful to watch. Ballack was pulling all the strings and Germany had a flow about them when they attacked.

Sweden had a man sent off and did have a chance to get back into the game when they got a penalty. They couldn't capitalise on the opportunity and Germany continue their progress into the Quarter Finals.


Next the best game so far in the World Cup.

Argentina vs. Mexico was supposed to be a walk over for Argentina. This view was understandable because Argentina had been playing the best football of the tournament and Mexico had been playing average football.

The game started and Mexico exploded into the game. Mexico scored a good goal by taking the game to Argentina and showing no fear. Argentina were shell shocked and Mexico could have doubled their lead. As it happened Argentina got a goal back.

This game ws as football should be played with both team going all out to win the match.

The second half was more of a tense afair but both teams still had chances. Mexico had some injuries and had to use some of their substitutes. At a similar time Argentina were using their stubstitutes (Messi and Tevez). The two subs stated to run at the tiring Mexican defense but could break it down.

The game went into Extra Time and just as it started Maxi Rodrigues chested the ball and volleyed in a goal of the highest quality. This seemed to knock the stuffing out of the brave Mexican team and they couldn't muster a reply.

The game ended with Argentina winning but Mexico can take a lot of credit for making a classic World Cup match.

The game showed the rest of the teams left in the world cup that Argentina can be beaten as long as you show no fear and attack them.


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