Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Remotely controlling you music (Win XP)

I found this trick by accident.


The following procedure will allow you to play music on your computer without having to be in the same location. The music can be controlled from one location and it will play in another location.

1. Set up your music output computer so that you can remote desktop to it.

2. Set up your remote control computer / laptop so that you can remote desktop to the music output computer.

3. Start playing some music from your music output computer. I have tested it with WinAmp (This has to be done from the computer itself and not through Remote Desktop).

4. Remote Desktop to the music output computer from the remote control computer / laptop while the music is playing. You must log on with the same username and password as you used to log on to the computer locally

5. You will notice that the music continues to play on the music output computer rather than being outputted to the remote control computer.

6. Now change the track that is playing on the music output computer. The track will change and will still be outputted to the speakers on the music output computer.

I don't really know what use this is but I'm sure it has a use. Maybe a Remote Disc Jockey (RDJ) craze will sweep the nation.

If anybody needs more information about any of the steps then let me know

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