Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sikhi Games - Hangman game

Kids at the Gurdwara love playing 'Hangman' with Sikhi related words. Keeping this in mind we have developed a Sikhi related Hangman flash game.

We created the flash game using a tutorial from

We have packaged a zip file with the source code.

We have made a few modifications to the game as compared to the tutorial. The first thing is that it automatically fills in any spaces in words and secondly the word is shown on the screen when the game ends.

You can customise the flash game in two ways.

All the words to be guessed are stored in an xml file called 'words.xml'. These can be customised and added to by opening the file in a text editor e.g. notepad and changing the text between tags.

You can also change the greeting on the welcome screen by editing the file called 'guessword.txt' in a text editor and changing the text after the '=' sign.

This is a first version so your comments are appreciated.

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Mr. Singh said...

great idea