Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Freaky Coincidences

I am sure that everybody has freaky coincidences in everyday life.

I just though that I should document the things that happen to me

Here is what happened to me this week

My wife got an interview for a job at Fox's biscuits in Batley (Near Bradford). I knew that I would have to drop her off on the day of the interview but I didn't have time to find out where the factory was. So I left it for a while.

The very next day at work there was an employee who required support off site. She said that she would take me to the place where she was doing her presentation. She told me that the place was called 'Batley Bulldogs' (A Rugby League Club). I followed her to the place and found that the presentation was taking place right opposite the Fox's biscuit factory where I need to take my wife!!!!

Now, I have never even been to Batley before so I think I can class this as a Freaky Coincidence.


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Sikhi Seeker said...

I like such...freaky? coincidences :)