Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Great cartoon of yester year

I don't know about you but whenever I am with a group of friends, sooner or later the conversation always comes around to how great cartoons were when we were kids and how poor they are now.

So I thought I should list the best cartoon that I remember from the 1980's and early 1990's.

  • ulysses

  • I remember Ulysses as a bit of an off beat cartoon. The main thing I remember about it was that Ulysses was trying to get back to Earth with his family. Obviously there were many problems along the way. I remeber the starting credits were there were lots of people all floating around asleep in a space ship (spooky!!)

  • Mysterious Cities of Gold
    This cartoon was set in South America, where some people were trying to find the myterious cities of gold. Thats all I really remember (apart from the cool intro song). But I remember that it was really good, honest!!

  • Thundercats are HOOOOO!
    Thundercats was class, with Liono, Panthero (my favourite), Mumraa etc. We used to play Thundercats at school, i always used to be Panthero. I remember at Uni that someone had a copy of one of the Thundercats episodes. When I watched it I realised that it probably wasn't the best cartoon of all time even though I used to think so when I was a kid. Advise - don't watch cartoon that you liked as a kid when you are older, you maybe disappointed. I watched Ulysses recently and that was a good as I remember, so the rule doesn't always apply. BTW I still think Thundercats is cool (The episode I watched must have been one of the very few poor ones ;-))

  • Dungeons and Dragons

    This was a cartoon where a group of kids are transported to a different world when they got to there local fair. They spend the rest of the series trying to get back home. They are helped or hindered in their quest by a midget wizard called 'Dungeon Master'. When I look back he did seem to be abit freaky. I remeber on of the characters was the funny one who always gets in trouble.
This is the list so far. It may increase as I remember more cartoons

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