Sunday, November 06, 2005

Play acting in the beautiful game (Football)

Diving / Simulation / Play Acting whatever you want to call it is the one thing that I hate in football at the moment.

The thing is that everybody is at it and it is seen as a normal part of the game, when it should be frowned upon.

One of the most famous incidence of play acting occurred in Brazils match against Turkey.

While Rivaldo was getting ready to take a corner one of the Turkey players kicked the ball at Rivaldo. The ball hit Rivaldo on the knee but Rivaldo collapsed to ground covering his face as if he had been hit in the face.

The incident resulted in a red card for the Turkey player and Brazil won the match 2-1.

Rivaldo was fined a few thousand pound for the play acting (which is peanuts for him!!!). He should have been banned for a few games.

People are always complaining about play acting in football but FIFA never does anything about it.

What should be done

I think referees should yellow card any play actors. (I know this happens already to a certain extent but most of the time the referees just tell the player to get up and then they continue with the game)

If the referee doesn't spot the play acting then video evidence should be used after the game and players should be given a yellow or red card.

Something has to be done because at the moment there is no punishment for the play actors and so they just carry on diving until they get a decision to go their way.

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