Thursday, December 08, 2005

Simple Living High Thinking (What is it all about)

What is Simple Living High Thinking?

Why did I choose the title 'Simple Living High Thinking' for my blog?

It all started when I was in India in 1998, when I was 18.

It was my first real time in India (I had been when I was about two years old but I couldn't remember anything about it), we were travelling all over Panjab trying to see all the Gurdware etc...

We were travelling everywhere by car and we were often behind big trucks that were carrying good around the country. One time we were stuck behind a truck and I noticed that it had something written next to the number plate. It said 'Do Good, Be Good' in English. I liked this and while we were out and about, I started to look out for more of these on trucks. To my surprise there were lots of these words of wisdom on trucks.

Some examples I remember are:
  • 'We two, our two'
  • 'Share your wealth'
  • 'Simple Living High Thinking'
When I saw 'Simple Living High Thinking' I found that it really struck a cord with me. I thought that it was a simple but important message. It may mean different things to different people but for me it all about living humbly but at the same time having the ability to think about deeper issues like who we are, what we are doing here and how to live a good life.

I have always liked 'Simple Living High Thinking' and I try to live this (abit ;-). So I thought that it would be a good title for my blog.


Prabhu Singh said...

I saw a lot of funny things on trucks also, but not that many nice ones in English. I saw SatNam WaheGuru in Gurmukhi a lot and I thought that was so cool. I can't remember the exact statements, but I saw a lot of sexist statements in English that were derogatory to women. That was kind of disturbing. It was nice to see the good comments though.

Sony said...

Thanks for your comment Prabhu,

To be honest I don't remember any dodgy comments on trucks, but that could be my selective memory kicking in.

cheers once again.