Saturday, June 17, 2006

World Cup Diary - Day 8

Day 8 and it was time for Argentina to lay down the gauntlet for all other teams in the World Cup. In the past 8 days Spain and Argentina have impressed the most. Argentina played Serbia and Montenegro. S&M are supposed to have one of the meanest defenses in football. Unfortunately for them they had a bad day and Argentina had a great day and scored 6!.

I didn't get to see the match live but I made a point of watching the highlights. The goal that Argentina scored with 24 passes was class and their all round movement and passing was breath taking. When S&M had their player sent off the Argentines brought on their substitutes and what substitutes they were, Tevez and Messi came on to add more woes to the S&M team. On this kind of form Argentina are the best team in the tournament so far...

ARG 6 S&M 0

Holland are making steady progress through the group stages and it seams like they no one is talking about them. I heard alot of the game on the radio and it seamed lke Holland are playing good football.

Unfortunately Ivory Coast had a batism of fire for their first World Cup. Playing Argentina and Holland in the group of death wasn't the ideal way of starting the world cup. IC have some good players and they have a good style of play. In any other group they would have got through to the next round. Unlucky.


I went to play football in the evening and caught the second half of the Mexico vs. Angola match. Angola defended really well and even had a few chances to score. As the game went on Mexico became more and more frustrated. The Angolan keeper had a really good match (and abit of luck). He is the keeper who has no club at the moment and trained by himself to be fit for the World Cup. Thats what I call commitment.


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