Friday, June 16, 2006

World Cup Diary - Day 7

Ecuador have been the surprise package of the world cup so far. Before the tournament started most people were saying that Ecuador could only win games at home where they play a 8000 feet above sea level. They have shown that they are more than capable of playing European teams at lower altitudes and still beat them handsomely. I didn't see the Costa Rica match but from what I heard of it it seemed that it was more of the same.

Although Costa Rica played quite well against Germany they seemed to lack the defernsive disipline to go further in the tournament.


It was England time again and I finished at 4pm to get back home in time to watch the match. Everybody was saying that Rooney would play some part in the game.

My verdict of the game was as follows. In the first half England play to slowly and deliberatly. The commentators were saying that up to the Trinidad and Tobego 3rd of the pitch the England players were not being pressed at all by the TandT players so they had lots of time to find the pass. The problem with this is that if you have too much time then your instincts don't work as well so you think too much about things and it doesn't work. If you have quick passing then instinct takes over and things start to flow. This is what happened when Lennon and Rooney came on. Things started to flow abit more Lennon was running at people and Rooney was running about abit. Rooney didn't do much but atleast he was trying. This seemed to lift the team and lift the crowd.

I think England needs to play at a high tempo. This is the way the players play in the Premiership and this is the way the English team play when they are playing at their best.

All countries have their own style of play. Brazilians have their own style, Germans have their own style. If Brazilians tried to play like an English team, it just wouldn't work. This is why England should play to it's strength and play a pacey game and press the oposition. They shouldn't try to copy other countries style of play and stick to something they are familiar with and play the English way.

Obviously there are times when you have to adapt to the conditions but this shouldn't mean that you abandon your way of playing and copy other styles. It won't work.

Another win for England they will get better as the tournament progresses.


Sweden needed a win to against Paraguay. Although they got into good positions lots of times. They were unable to find the net until the 88th minute. Paraguay defended really well and had a few chances of their own but they were unlucky to be caught by a late goal by Ljungberg.


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