Thursday, June 15, 2006

World Cup Diary - Day 6

Every time the World cup or the European Championship, I always used to say that Spain had a great chance of going very far in the tournament. Every time I said something about Spain they would fail at the early stages. About six weeks ago I was in Madrid and was very close to buying a Spainish top but didn't. This would have been a big deal for me because I have never had any football team top except for a Bradford City top that my aunty gave me.

Anyway this World Cup I haven't said anything about Spain and it's chances. So it is typical that they go and beat Ukraine by 4 goals to 0 and also play the best football of any side in the World Cup so far. i havent seen the match yet but everyone was saying that Spain played some wonderful football.

Ukraine in there first World Cup have to pick themselves up and could still qualify becuase of the other result in the group. Schevchenko needs to be on top form


Tunisia and S Arabia both knew that they would have a great chance of progressing if they won their match. They both tried as hard as they could but in the end both teams had to settle for a draw. When Al Jaber scored for S Arabia it looked as though they were to be victorious but this was not the case as Tunisia came back on level terms in the last seconds of the game. It was an opportunity lost for both teams


Even though Germany had Ballack back in the team after injury I was still un impressed with the German team. All their players are workman like, they don't have a flare player of any quality. Poland are similar in style to Germany but they are not as good as the Germans. I have to say that they defended valiantly for 90 minutes but with seconds to go they lost concentration and let the Germans score. This was partly due to the many substitutions that Poland were making in order to eat up time. Again an unimpresive Germany still managed to grind out a result (some thing they are past masters at doing). It will probably be good for the tournament if they get to the latter stages of the tournament even though I doubt that they wil win it playing as they have so far.


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