Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World Cup Diary - Day 5

I was at work for the S. Korea match against Togo and didn't see any of the goals but from what I heard Togo were abit unlucky an the match changed when the Togo plyer was sent off


Probably the most frustrating match I watched so far was France vs. Switerland. Both teams seamed devoid of ideas. It was an interesting stat that France haven't scored goal since the 1998 world cup final. But remember it is only 4 matches ;-))

Zidane had a bit of a shouting match with Gallas and Henry looked like a different player from what he was doing with Arsenal only a few months ago.

Switerland had some guilt edge changes to cause a bigger upset but could put the ball in the net. One of the craziest chances was when the ball came into the box from a free kick with two Swiss player going for the ball. One of the Swiss players couldn't reach the ball with his head so instead he handled the ball eve though the other Swiss player behind him was in an even better position to score. Definately 2 points lostfor Switzerland


It was billed as the biggest match so far. Brazil vs. Crotia. Brazil didn't live up to the hype. I don't agreed that they were purposly playing at half speed. Crotia had 3 or 4 great chances to score but just couldn't find the corner of the net. The ball always seemed to be drawn to Dida in the Brazilian goals. Kaka and Cafu played well going forward but the two 'stikers' up front for Brazil (Ronaldo 'El Gordo Gordo' and Adriano 'El Gordo') were just out for an evening walk. It was like Brazil were playing with 9 men just to make it fairer for the other side.

So we know they are definately beatable now. Brazil maybe very dangerous when teams think they have a chance against them.

Hope to see a better Brazil in the next game.


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