Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup Diary - Day 4

Australia have always puzzled me because we see alot of their players in the Premiership. It should mean that they have a strong side. This has not always been the case. I think that this time they may surprise some of the teams they play. They have big time players like Viduka, Cahill and to a lesser extent Kewell.

I didn't watch the Japan vs. Australia match (I was at work) but I heard it was a really good match. Japan led for most of the game but Australia came back with Cahill who got two quick goals.


The Czech Republic are supposed to be 2nd in the world rankings. They played really well against USA. Although USA didn't have alot of spark going forward, apart from Johnson, they are still quite solid. Nedved and Rosicky were the difference. They say Czech Rep are an aging team but the heat didn't seam to affect them that much.The one downer for them was the injury to Koller.( I have got Czech Rep in my sweep stake at work )


I have always had a soft spot for Italy, ever since Italia '90 when Baggio and Scilachi came onto the scene. It was the first world cup I remember properly. When I look back at it there were some great moments in it including Roger Milla and his extravagent Cameroon side. David Platt and his last minute winner against Belgium. Gazza and his tears (obviously ;-)). Baggio and the great goal when he started off on the half way line (I think it was against Czechslovakia) and went all the way.

I know it wasn't the best world cup ever but it will aways be one of the best for me because it was my first.

Anyway I digress...

In 2006 Italy are one of the favourites again. They have a solid defense (as always) and are good going forward aswell. Against Ghana they looked in control most of the time. Try as Ghana and Essien did they couldn't break the Italian defense and players like Toni and Totti were always a threat. A deserved victory


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