Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup Diary - Day 3

Holland 'the best team not to win the World Cup'. I didn't see Hollands match against Serbia and Montenegro (S&M ;-) as it happened but I did manage to catch the high lights in the evening.

Robben was all over the pitch. He scored from van Persie's pass. For all of Robbens good work there were times whe he was a bit greedy and went for the shot, rather than picking out a pass.

HOL 1 S&M 0

Mexico looked like a very slick side. Their captain, Marquez, is a class act. I think he plays for Barcelona. He was playing passes all over the pitch. Mexico always seem like a team that looks good against weaker opposition, but who falter against the big boys.

Iran have some good players but they don't have the killer instinct infront of the goal.


Portugal are one of a number of team for whom this maybe the last chance for the current generation of players. It is probably going to be the last World Cup for many of the Portugal players. Figo was a different class. His running with the ball is a diferent class.

Angola was a good team to watch but it seemed to me that the game went on, they didn't really believe that they could beat Portugal. Similar to Iran they didn't have enough quality in the last third of the pitch.


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