Sunday, June 11, 2006

World Cup Diary - Day 2

3 Matches 1 Day. I'll have to pace myself a bit today!

First Match is England vs. Paraguay.

England started very well got the goal and then in the second half they they started to play the all to familiar 'all out defence and start to panick' style of play. Yes the heat may have been a factor but surely they know it going to be hot, so they should have been prepared for it. They have known about the problem for 4-6 years. So they should have a solution for it in that amount of time.

Anyway it is a win. so to the next game.


Sweden were supposed to stroll a win against Trinidad and Tobego but that was not the case. TandT played really well especially Shaka Hislop the TandT goal keeper (he only knew he was starting the game about 10 mins before the game).

Sweden did look slick going forward but they just couldn't find the net.


Next the most awaited game so far. Agentina vs. Ivory Coast. Two really attacking teams who went at each other all the way through the match. Apart from abit of play acting from Drogba and Sorin it was the best match so far.


Today just goes to show that there is no easy games in the World Cup

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