Sunday, July 02, 2006

World Cup Diary - Day 19

Spain vs. France was the match of the day. Spain started extreamely well by taking the game to France and showing the form that had taken them this far.

Spain got a penalty early on and it seemed that they would go on to take the match. However they were unable to do this. France managed to get back into the game and deservedly scored a goal before the break.

After the break the game was fairly even but Spain couldn't get to the level of play that they had in the early games. Just when we thought that the game was heading for extra time, Viera managed to score a vital goal. The goal came from a free kick that was won by Henry, it was a free kick because Puyol elbowed Henry in the chest. The reaction from Henry was poor because he cluched his face in his hands and fell to the ground as if he had been elbowed in the face. It was bad to see a player who has condemed diving in the past, do such a thing.The Viera goal knocked the stuffing out of Spain and they couldn't recover. Zidane finished the game off by scoring on the break.


I didn't see the Brazil vs. Ghana match but it was a below par performance by Brazil again.


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