Saturday, July 08, 2006

World Cup Diary - Day 20

I was looking forward to the Germany vs. Argentina game. I caught the second half and then, extra time and penalties. Germany did well to come back from a goal down but they were helped by the tactics of Pekerman.

Pekerman decided to take off Riquelme after they scored. This changed was designed to sure up the Argentinian defense so that they could hang onto their lead. Unfortunately it didn't work. The change made the Argentinians loose their impetance and they became really defensive. They lost their fluid passing and became quite ordinary.

Germany took the initiative from Argentina and got the goal. Extra time was a tense affair and penalties seemed enevitable.

The Germans were their old efficient self's in the penalty shoot out. Each one of their penalties found the net. Argentina were mentally drained by this time and they couldn't cope with the Germans.

It was a pity how Argentina played because in the early rounds the team play some super football.

In this match they went defensive and forgot to play the football that got them to this stage.

ARG 1 GER 1 (Germany win on penalties)

Italy and Ukraine played in quite a poor match. Ukraine played a very defensive game with Sevchenko the only attacking player. They played as if they were happy to be in the quarter finals and didn't want to go any further.

Italy were clinical as they finished off Ukraine with some goals.


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