Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sikh Guru's Family Tree

I came across a site called Geni. It's a site where you can map your family tree.

I thought it would be good to map out the Sikh Gurus family tree. So that you can see exactly how each of the Gurus were related.

The tree starts with Guru Amar Das Ji and goes all the way to Guru Gobind Singh Ji. I have started it at Guru Amar Das Ji because he was related in some way to all the Gurus after him.

I have setup a general user called Gur Sikh. To view or edit the family tree log on at with the email address and password 13gursikh.

I have only added Gurus and their Mothers and Fathers to the tree. It would be nice to have all the Gurus relatives on the site.

It would also be good to have all the gurus on the site some how.

The resource used to create the family tree were SikhiWiki and info-sikh.

Please edit the tree if you see any mistakes.


Mr. Singh said...

Excellent idea. Guru Arjan Dev Ji had two brothers Prithi Chand Ji and Mahadev Ji. Don't know if you want to add these in.

Guru Hargobind Rai's children were:
Baba Gurditta, Baba Suraj Mal, Baba Ani Rai, Baba Atal Rai,Tegh Bahadur, and Bibi Biro.

Once you get all the families in it will be awesome.

Conqueror of the world said...

Cool idea, I dont think you will be able to stop as Im sure there wiull be some relation alive today that is somehow connected to the tree, although Guru Gobind Singh Ji did not have any siblings or Gran children.

Sony said...

Thanks for the comments.

I will try to add the people you mentioned.

The good thing about this is that anybody can change it.

So just log on as



and add whoever you think should be on it.

By everybody contributing it can grow and grow and we might get to relations that are alive today...

Conqueror of the world said...

Ive managed to incoperate Guru Angad Ji to the tree, its gone off on another tree as his daughter was married into Guru Amar Das Jis family.

Sony said...

Good job there, Conqueror.

The tree look cool.

It's really easy to see how they were all related.

Mr. Singh said...

lazy, i've added those that i know of for you.

Do you think we should do one for Guru Nanak Dev ji aswell?

Sony said...

Oh your a good man :-)

Please set one up for Guru Nanak Dev Ji using a general email address (I just set it up in Google).

Then we can all contribute.

Mr. Singh said...

i'm going to call you 'work shy' from now on.

Mr. Singh said...

The other thing to possibly note is that many historians disagree on the number of wives Guru Gobind Singh Ji had. Depending on which books you read they vary from 1 to 3. I'm not too sure myself which version is more authentic.

god_bless_all said...

dear gursikh friend,
i dearly appreciate your effort,
god bless...

do not keep any confusions in your mind regarding guru gobind singh's wife. he had only ONE wife - Mata Jito ji alias Mata Sundari Ji. As for mata sahib kaur although she was the spiritual mother of the khalsa she never married the guru.

it is our shear misfortune to think of guru gobing singh to have more than 1 wife because he was strictly against polygamy. how could he himself be one of those???????